Investment Philosophy

An Investment Philosophy is a set of core beliefs that provide a foundation for making sound and prudent investment decisions. Successful investors and their advisors are guided by a philosophy, rather than by market forces. Without strong beliefs in a core set of principles, market turmoil, financial headlines and market fads can sway decisions.

We live in a timing and selection culture that emphasizes short-term investment performance rather than the long-term achievement of your individual financial goals.

At Waterford, we take a different approach.

The Waterford Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy is goal-focused and plan-driven, rather than market-focused and performance-driven. We believe that an investment portfolio is not a financial plan, rather that a portfolio serves a financial plan. We also believe that portfolio performance should be judged over a full market cycle which is seven to ten years. We comprehensively manage your portfolio at a consolidated level, enabling you to achieve your long-term financial goals.

 To accomplish this we:

  • Employ a highly-organized, intelligently-designed and exhaustive process to construct your portfolio, to achieve the rate of return we have determined is required to reach your long-term goals.
  • Perform extensive due diligence in selecting your portfolio's investment securities.
  • Minimize downside fluctuation through portfolio design and security selection.
  • Construct your portfolio to be as tax efficient as possible.
  • Believe that the dominant factor in long-term, real-life financial outcomes is not investment performance, it is investor behavior. Our value lies in establishing and guiding investor behavior, not in managing investment performance.
  • Will not make economic or market predictions; we will simply insist on aligning your portfolio with your long-term financial goals.

If your goals haven't changed, your portfolio shouldn't change.