Retirement Plan Design, Compliance and Maintenance

As the Plan Sponsor (employer), you are subject to a Fiduciary standard; this requires you to understand and be aware of plan fees, investment options, performance, and plan compliance. You’re responsible for ensuring employees are educated about the features of the plan, plan fees, investment options and saving for their retirement. You also need to ensure that a well-documented process is in place and consistently followed when fulfilling these duties.

As Financial Advisor for your plan, we can help you with these responsibilities by providing guidance, structure and the support team to meet your obligations.

Evaluate a current plan for a Plan Sponsor

  • Gather data/analysis
  • Evaluate providers/obtain and review requests for proposal
  • Plan conversion
  • Ongoing monitoring and compliance

Plan design, compliance and maintenance 

  • Proper plan design
  • Appropriate pricing
  • Meet fiduciary duties
  • Conduct annual meetings to fulfill compliance requirements
  • Address concerns/opportunities for continuous improvement

Investment selection and monitoring/employee education

  • Investment options/design and monitoring
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • 404(c) compliance
  • Employee enrollment and education

Plan Sponsor/Fiduciary 401(k) Review PDF