What is a Target Date Fund Glide Path?

A Target Date Fund (TDF) is the “set it and forget it” fund option for many 401(k) plan participants and retirement investors. This type of fund automatically rebalances the overall asset allocation for a targeted mix of equity and fixed income investments based on the investor’s age and an assumed retirement date. Often TDFs are… Read more »

Market R E C A P

Global stocks continued to power upward this quarter from their pandemic bear market low on March 23, 2020. U.S. stocks, developed international stocks, and emerging-market stocks are now up an astonishing 80.6%, 74.8%, and 74.6%, respectively, since then. Clearly, it paid not to panic and get out of the markets last spring. Due to expectations… Read more »

Three steps to successful I N V E S T I N G

Every once in a while, it’s useful to step back from the permanent chaos of political, economic and market events, and ask ourselves the fundamental questions: what am I investing for, and how will I know whether I’m succeeding or not? How, indeed, does one even measure investment success? The answers will be found not… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary February 10, 2021

Weekly Market Commentary February 10, 2021 The Markets It’s not a black diamond ski run yet, but the yield curve for U.S. Treasuries is steeper than it has been in a while. A yield curve is the line on a graph showing yields for different maturities of bonds. Yield curves provide insight to bond investors’… Read more »

Schwab Digital Account Opening Guide

For new clients joining our firm or current clients looking to add new accounts to their advisory relationship with our firm, we are now offering the use of Schwab’s Digital Account Opening Tool. We have included a link below to the step by step guide shared by Schwab to assist clients in navigating this tool.… Read more »

New DocuSign Guidance For Clients

In an effort to improve our practices and procedures to be more efficient and secure for our clients we have adopted new DocuSign tools. For those unfamiliar with DocuSign we have provided a link below to step by step screen shots on what to expect should a client receive a DocuSign email from our firm.… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary January 20, 2021

Weekly Market Commentary January 20, 2021 The Markets Investors were rocked by economic data showing the economy hit the brakes hard in December. Last week, major U.S. stock indices decelerated as investors gaped at the economic damage caused by the rising number of coronavirus cases around the world. There have been more than two million… Read more »

Weekly Market Commentary January 13, 2021

The Markets The event at the United States Capitol building had a resounding impact around the world, but it didn’t deter global stock markets. Last week, investors weighed the violent disruption of America’s 2020 presidential election process against the outcome of the Senate runoff in Georgia, and decided the latter was more significant. Financial Times… Read more »

2020 Q4 Tax Corner: Important Information for the 2021 Tax Year

We believe that tax management is an integral part of financial planning and portfolio management, and that it is not possible to successfully execute an investment strategy without taking tax planning into consideration. All of Waterford’s planners are Certified Financial Planners and are also either Certified Public Accountants or Enrolled Agents. We employ tax management… Read more »